Nintendo’s partnership with construction toy company K’nex has yielded buildable play sets based on various Super Mario Bros. games. Destructoid has reported that their next sets will be based on the most recent Mario platformer, Super Mario 3D World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

This fall, K’nex will bring two Super Mario-themed play sets to store shelves, allowing players to build and play in the worlds of Super Mario 3D World and New Super Mario Bros. U. The Super Mario 3D World–themed Cat Mario Building Set will retail for $34.99, and feature multiple jump panels, a Cat Mario figure, an exclusive clear warp pipe, a mouse and coins. The $64.99 Layer Cake Building Set will come with a new jump disk and launcher, and exclusive Waddlewing, Pokey, Stone-Eye Statue and Sand Geysers from New Super Mario Bros. U.

Despite having produced almost 20 Mario play sets, K’nex has yet to make one based on either of Mario’s first two titular games; Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. Now that the newest Mario platformer is on the production schedule, perhaps K’nex will go back and finally give us a World 1-1 we can display in our homes.

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