One of the original Kingdom Hearts voice actors has revealed he's back in the studio recording more lines.

On Thursday, NeoGAF users noticed Jessie McCartney (the voice of Roxas in Kingdom Hearts), posted a photo of a recording studio to his Instagram. In the photo (which has since been removed), a television monitor with Kingdom Hearts playing could be seen, and McCartney wrote, "For all you "Kingdom Hearts" Fans. Recording the next chapter! #KingdomHearts #Roxas #Gamers"

There's been nary a word about the possibility of Kingdom Hearts 3, but we do already know Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix is being released in Japan. With McCartney back in the studio, it could mean English voice over is being recorded of for the high-def remaster, and thus KH1.5 could be coming to the U.S. as a result. It certainly would make sense, and Square Enix would definitely make a lot of North American fans happy with such a move.

Hopefully the publisher will announce its plans soon.

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