Killer is coming, people! Suda51's Killer Is Dead will be coming to North America, Europe, and Oceania! Our boss Pete is doing cartwheels in the office after hearing this news.

We've dreamed of this day for a few weeks now and it's finally happened. Kadokawa Games has announced its plans to set Killer is Dead loose on other parts of the gaming world, to be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The company is partnering with XSEED Games to bring the title to North American audiences and will partner with Deep Silver, the publishers who are responsible for the Dead Island series, to bring it to Europe and Oceania.

No set release dates were given for any of the regions, but we're told to expect the worldwide launch in the summer of 2013.

In the meantime, let's bide our time by burning the beautiful screenshots below into our minds, so we don't have to go without Killer is Dead until the release.

Are you excited for this release? Or do you think it looks too weird to be in your library? Let us know in the comments!