Ah, medieval times. Wizards, dragons, spells and curses; what better setting for a role-playing game? Except, you know -- none of those things actually exist, right? In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a medieval RPG, or any medieval game for that matter, that doesn’t involve some form of sorcery or supernatural element. But the medieval period was really interesting, even without the hocus pocus. There were wars, political intrigue, and seriously brutal sword fights. That’s what our Kickstarter of the Week, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is trying to show. It’s a game with dungeons, but no dragons.

Kingdom Come will be a single-player sandbox-style RPG that takes place in Medieval Europe. It tells the story about a young blacksmith who loses everything to war. Attempting to fulfill his father’s dying wish, he stumbles upon a plot to kidnap a king. Now he must save the king and put an end to the war that has taken so much from him.

Kingdom Come will be class-based, but once again, none of your abilities will be magical. If you specialize in knight training, your skill with a sword will increase. The combat in Kingdom Come is period-accurate, meaning one strike to a vital point and you are dead. Make sure to purchase the best armor the blacksmiths have to offer to protect the squishy bits. Specializing in the rogue class makes you better at sneaking around and stealing things, which is great if you want to work black markets and criminal underworlds. Finally, specializing in the bard class improves your social skills. You’ll be able to talk your way out of problems and into important court banquets.

The developers of Kingdom Come, Warhorse Studios, are actively trying to avoid standard RPG conventions like fetch quests. Warhorse Studios said, “At no point will you have to collect seven pieces of a legendary magic staff to defeat an ancient evil bent on destroying the world with an army of demons. We think there are enough such games out there.”

They want you to think of it as Braveheart: The Game. You’ll be trading spikey hair and skimpy female armor for dirty peasants, chaotic war-torn battlefields and the Black Plague. Quests in the game will be able to be completed in several ways. You’ll never have to find "important guy X" and give him Y-number of item Z. You’ll, instead, have to kill an important political figure, and whether or not you do that via paid assassination, poison in his food or with your own two hands is up to you.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has already been funded. It asked for £300,000 and, at time of this writing, has earned £645,871. There are 14 days left to fund it.  A pledge of approximately $24 USD will get you a digital copy of the game. The team has reached almost all of their stretch goals at this point, so you know the game is going to be one heck of a production. So head on over to the official Kickstarter page and throw them a few bucks if you want to try a different sort of medieval RPG. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to come out on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac and Linux in late 2015.