8 button Madcatz Tournament Edition Arcade Sticks? Screw that noise! Real hardcore gamers play with custom made 16 button arcade sticks that are only usable on one game and one game only!

According to Eurogamer, Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has designed a brand new game that needs a custom designed 16 button LED joystick to operate. The game is called Tenya Wanya Teens and in his own words it is a, “silly party game."

The game is, “a coming-of-age tale about love, hygiene, monsters and finding discarded erotic magazines in the woods … It's a game about trying desperately to not say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time -- that universal struggle to maintain the façade of normality during the awkward transition from child to adulthood.”

Screenshots of the custom joysticks have already been released, and they look pretty awesome. However, details haven’t been revealed about how the sticks will be used. It’s not clear whether or not the light up buttons will actually factor into gameplay or not, nor is it clear why 16 buttons are actually necessary. The final arcade sticks will be made by Wild Rumpus.

Currently, no platforms for Tenya Wanya Teens have been announced, though current builds apparently run on a PC. We will bring you more information on the game when it becomes available.