Katamari Damacy is one of the strangest games you'll ever play, but that didn't stop creator Keita Takahashi from making even more weird titles. His 2009 game Noby Noby Boy came out and soon hit the App Store. But now the game's run is coming to an end.

Takahasi wrote on his blog that Noby Noby Boy will no longer be supported. Whether that's by him or the higher ups at Namco Bandai, we're not sure. But the $1.99 game is scheduled to be pulled from the App Store on October 9th.

It's a really strange app. One we have yet to really figure out the point behind. Maybe that is the point of the app -- that there is no point to it. Regardless, fans of Takashi's work will want to grab it before it disappears forever. And even if it does, you can always buy the album of Noby Noby Boy songs!

Click to purchase Noby Noby Boy for your iPhone and iPad. Hurry up! You've only got a few days left before it disappears.