Ya know, there's been a lack of great Devil May Cry cosplay on this site. Let's remedy this by featuring DmC: Devil May Cry's Kat as today's Cosplay of the Day!

Kat is a member of The Order and guides Dante around the events of DmC: Devil May Cry. She used to have romantic ties to Vergil, but he wiped both their memories because he believed that their connection would only serve as a weakness. It is through Kat that Dante learns how to become more human, rather than just a vengeance-fueled killing machine.

Here is LaynesLionRedCat, a cosplayer from Russia who has a pretty impressive cosplaying track record. Though her Kat cosplay might be considered simple, its accuracy and overall look are very impressive. She captures much of Kat's innocent and subdued nature, while also giving off vibes that hint at the character's past tragedies.

Come take a look at her other cosplay, including an impressive Rosalind Letuce, on her deviantART page. And then let us know what you think of this excellent cosplayer!

Saint Sinner
Saint Sinner

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