The new DmC Devil May Cry DLC called "Vergil's Downfall" was released yesterday on Steam and the PSN, but Xbox 360 owners can download the adventure starting today on Xbox Live. The new downloadable content will cost you $9 and features Dante's brother Vergil and a brand new storyline.

The DLC takes place right after the end of DMC with you assuming control of Vergil who is out for a little fratricidal vengeance. He comes equipped with his own sword and a few new sets of moves to complement the already solid gameplay of DMC. He even has some phantom swords that swing around his body as he moves, slicing up anything in his path. You're even treated to some 3D and 2D comics-style cutscenes to help move the story along.

If you felt like DMC was great, but a bit too short, then you might want to give "Vergil's Downfall" a play. It looks like even more hacky, slashy, flippy fun.