Indie Fund is providing support for Kachina, a physics based game which has players attempting to build a hole in the ground. The hole grows bigger once the players swallow animals and spit them back!

Kachina is from the mind of Ben Esposito, who served as a designer for The Unfinished Swan at Giant Sparrow. Set in the American Southwest, the title, as posted in the Indie Fund blog explores, "the relationship between modern American and indigenous Pueblo cultures through themes of erasure & discovery." The title is being developed for Windows PC, Mac, and iOS.

Esposito is also the man behind Little Flag Software, which he affectionately dubs as, "the #1 indie game company in L.A. made by a horse or ghost of a horse." On his website, Esposito has a short yet informative post on how to get started in video games, and if you want to check it out, click here.

Indie Fund's main goal is to support indie developers and get them to become, "financially independent and stay financially independent."