Since its announcement in November, everyone has been anxiously awaiting Avalanche Studios' newest creation, Just Cause 3. It's not out yet, but we do have a fresh trailer to enjoy.

If you like fire and watching stuff blow up, you're going to love Just Cause 3's newest trailer. Aptly named "Firestarter," Avalanche Studios' trailer for its new open-world, action-adventure game showcases a whole ton of fire with a side of blowing stuff up. We even get a little highlight of Rico Rodriguez gliding through the sky. Basically, if you were excited for an action-packed trailer, that is exactly what Avalanche has brought to the table.

The trailer essentially aligns with all of the screens, leaked and otherwise, that have been popping up from the upcoming game. It almost seems as though almost all media so far released has some kind of fire, explosion or crazy stunt in it. While this trailer doesn't seem to showcase the environment as well as some of the previously released media, we have high hopes for this game. Avalanche Studios previously announced that if you enjoyed Just Cause 2, but wished that the maps could get an update, then Just Cause 3 will be the game for you. Since it will be upgrading to current gen systems, it will have the advantages that hardware provides, including better details, lighting, and apparently fire effects.

You can look for Just Cause 3 to "set the world on fire" this holiday season. Avalanche's sequel will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.