Since officially announcing Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios has been mum on the anticipated follow-up. However, new screenshots arrived today showing off the varied environments of the upcoming sequel.

Just Cause 2 set the stage for Just Cause 3 to be one of the most awesome open-world games out there. Players enjoyed just how much land they could travel through and recently, we've found out that Just Cause 3's map will have just as much land to traverse as its predecessor, but with more stuff to break.

New images leaked to the NeoGaf Believe's forums, showing off some rather impressive action and locales. If you were looking forward to all the action of Just Cause 2 with some pumped up visuals, it looks like Avalanche Studios will not disappoint. In these screens you can see just how much detail there is in the game, which, spoiler alert, is just about a ton.

You can check out the screens below while you wait for Just Cause 3 to release in June 2015.