There are so many over-the-top action sequences and explosions in this new trailer for Just Cause 3, Michael Bay would be proud.

Avalanche Studios is back with a new, action-filled trailer for its open world third-person shooter, Just Cause 3. Watch as Rico Rodriguez soars through the sky in his wingsuit, landing on fighter jets in mid-flight and commandeering them as if he was in an aerial version of Grand Theft Auto. The trailer features all sorts of dogfights, explosions, shootouts, car chases and crazy stunts that would make even Jackie Chan reluctant to try them.

You'll be playing as Rico Rodriguez, who will be getting his Far Cry 4 on as he tries to liberate his home country from a despotic leader that rules the area with an iron fist and a ton of militarized muscle. The entire country of Medici is yours to explore and liberate from General Di Ravello, and you're going to be using Just Cause 3's grappling hook, wingsuit and parachute mechanics to take to the skies and dismantle his forces from above. While landing atop a fighter jet in mid-flight might sound a bit unbelievable, just remember that your wingsuit allows you to control your descent and steer you in the right direction as your body falls towards the Earth at over 100mph.

Just Cause 3 is expected to launch during the 2015 holiday season for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-ordering it will grant you special access to a weaponized vehicle DLC pack.

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