It's almost the weekend, folks, so let's try to get to the finish line with the help of some cheering from today's Cosplay of the Day, Juliet Starling!

You know and love her from the ridiculously goofy and over-the-top zombie killing game, Lollipop Chainsaw. Here she is in all of her playful, amazingly blonde glory and cosplayed by Hini Tsugurabi from Spain. Hini's missing the head of Juliet's decapitated beau, Nick, but we won't begrudge her the spot on this feature, especially after seeing that adorable pout on the steps below.

We hope that chainsaw is light, because dragging it around is probably a chore. Still, Hini has joined the ranks of people who've successfully cosplayed zombie killers who wield chainsaws, a list that includes legendary figures like Ash Williams and Frank West.

Behold more of the cuteness that is Hini on her deviantART page and check out her cool anime-inspired outfits!

Miles Cave
Miles Cave/AOJ