Feeling nostalgic for the golden days of the Sega Dreamcast? Had your fun with the amazing Crazy Taxi but find that you're craving more? Or maybe you've never experienced the joys of the Dreamcast and want to know what it was like. Whatever the case may be, get ready for the grinding glory that is Jet Set Radio!

The inline skating, rail-grinding, graffiti-tagging game is back! Jet Set Radio is already out for the PSN and XBLA, but we've been kept in the dark about any release dates for the mobile ports. The good news is that the iOS and Android versions have been confirmed for a release on November 29, giving fans of the Tokyo-centric adventure a chance to enjoy the the game on the go.

Jet Set Radio, for newcomers, is a game in which you take control of a gang leader named Beat, as he grinds his way through the urban jungles of Tokyo, facing off against rivals gangs and the police. You'll be able to tag up areas in the city, replacing gangs' tags and avoiding the fuzz. Music is big part of the game and the release features the original's awesome soundtrack (complete with Rob Zombie's "Dragula", hah!), save for three tracks that are missing because of licensing issues.

The game is part of Sega's "Heritage Collection", which includes the titles NiGHTS: into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2. All of these games have seen releases on consoles, but Jet Set Radio is the only title that has been announced for a release on iOS. We'll see if those other two games make it onto our devices, but for now, check out the screens and the trailer for Jet Set Radio below.