Yes, according to GameSpot Jerry Bruckheimer Games is shutting down for good, and I know what all of you are thinking … “What the heck is Jerry Bruckheimer Games?”

Jerry Bruckheimer Games was a studio that opened back in 2007 by, appropriately enough, Jerry Bruckheimer. The studio was supposed to partner with MTV games and work as an “idea house” for new game ideas. “We'll work with other developers and studios to hire an executive team and come up with something we feel is interesting,” said Bruckheimer over six years ago.

Anyone who has been part of the gaming industry can tell you that idea men are a dime a dozen. Everyone has ideas for great games, but what really sells in the industry is the ability to make those ideas a reality. Bruckheimer learned that the hard way, as the last news we heard from them came out in 2009 when they acquired former talent from Microsoft and Ubisoft.

Since then, the studio has essentially done nothing. They were rumored to have been working on three titles current generation systems, but these titles were never announced and no detail on their development was ever given.

A Bruckheimer Films representative confirmed to GameStop that Jerry Bruckheimer Games is no longer a functioning entity in any capacity. Founding presidents Jim Veevaert and Jay Cohen have moved on to become a general manager at Zynga and chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences respectively. The representative did not comment on how many people were working at the studio at its time of closure.

So that’s the big story everyone. Jerry Bruckheimer opened up a game studio that sat on its thumbs for six years and then died. It’s truly one for the history books.