An interesting Tweet from Xbox Mexico's Twitter account could be hinting at a big Halo reveal at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The tweet, shown below, is part of the account's weekly Halo Tuesday series, or #MartesdeHalo. The translation says: "In this #MartesdeHalo we remember the #XboxE3 of the 2003 and 2004 where we met more of the legendary #Halo2."

Normally we wouldn't put a lot of thought into it, considering Xbox Mexico tweets about Halo every Tuesday, but the timing is what makes things interesting. Rumors have been rampant than some kind of Halo remake is coming to E3 next week, whether it be Halo 2 Anniversary or the rumored Master Chief Collection, and of all the things this account could have possibly tweeted out, this was their decision. Xbox Mexico may be trying to tell us something here.

The rumors started back in January, when a poster at NeoGAF first hinted at a possible Halo 2 remake for the 10-year anniversary. A couple of weeks later, the voice of Master Chief stirred the pot even more by telling us to "lookforward anniversary edition of Halo 2.” Microsoft exec Phil Spencer did tell us that Halo news would be coming at E3, but his lack of specifics has kept the rumor mill churning.

Could we be looking at the next big Halo remake this time next week? Might we be adding Halo 2 Anniversary We'll find out when E3 2014 officially starts with the Xbox Media Briefing next Monday at 12PM EST.