While Microsoft might be keeping a tight leash on its plans for first-party releases on the Xbox One, that doesn't mean some people aren't willing to dish some dirt on what's coming in 2014 and beyond for the next-gen console. The old saying mentioned something about loose lips sinking ships, but it never mentioned anything about a possible Halo 2 Anniversary Edition.

According to IGN, a poster over at NeoGAF with backstage info has claimed that Halo 2: Anniversary is expected to come out on Nov. 11 of this year with two special collector's editions. The first collector's edition is to come with beta access to Halo 5, along with early access to the new 'Halo' series produced by Steven Spielberg. The other version is a "War Collection," which consists of Xbox One ports of Halo 3, 4 and contains everything from the first collector's edition.

The tips didn't end there though. The same NeoGAF insider also offered insight into the development plans of many other Microsoft exclusives. The source claimed Black Tusk Studios will need at least two years to complete the next Gears of War title. He also tabbed Forza Horizon and Sunset Overdrive to both arrive in Autumn, with Quantum Break out by next Christmas. He also claimed the Halo 5 beta would be out sometime in Nov. 2014.

The Black Tusk news makes sense, considering the studio just took the IP over from Epic after Microsoft purchased the exclusive. Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive dropping later this year sounds about right, but Playground's Forza Horizon arriving this year makes little sense. Forza Motorsport 5 just came out, and there's little reason to think Microsoft would release sequel so soon, even if it was from a different studio. Of course, all of these details are just rumors at the moment, and we likely won't learn more about the truth until closer to E3 2014.

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