Microsoft gets closer to finalizing a deal with the Showtime channel to launch its upcoming Halo drama series.

Variety reports that Xbox Entertainment Studios has been in talks with Showtime to help debut its upcoming live-action Halo series that is being developed by Steven Spielberg's Amblin TV studio with the iconic director acting as the series' executive producer. Xbox Entertainment Studios has put the upcoming Halo series at the forefront of its upcoming Xbox Originals service, which will offer original, streaming television programs for Xbox Live subscribers and owners of Windows devices.

Unfortunately, negotiating the deal has been taking a bit longer than expected due to the show launching on the Xbox Originals program and not just exclusively on Showtime. Inside sources claim that the show's episodes will first debut on Showtime and then on the Xbox afterwards. The Xbox Original version of the show will have enhanced interactivity that will be exclusive to the video service. Unfortunately, both Showtime and Xbox have yet to comment on the matter, but if Showtime was not negotiating with Microsoft at all, the premium cable company would likely just disprove the rumor and carry about its business.