The controversial Duke Nukem teaser page made by Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms has been replaced in the midst of a legal dispute against Gearbox Software.

CVG reports that the teaser website for Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction,, now redirects viewers to a new site,, which is completely free of any direct references to the Duke Nukem franchise. The new Interceptor Entertainment website features an animated bomb with a lit fuse and a countdown signifying an official unveiling of the project on May 14. It is unknown whether this unveiling will feature a Duke Nukem title or have a new, Duke-less project all together. Given the absence of any references to the King on the new page, Gearbox may have indeed won its legal dispute, unless Interceptor is looking to give its fans a big surprise.

The first teaser page for Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction was originally scheduled to unveil the game on Feb. 25, but Interceptor Entertainment removed the website after Gearbox Entertainment, which claims it has purchased the rights to the Duke Nukem intellectual property, threatened to seek legal ramifications against both Interceptor and 3D Realms for unauthorized use of the Duke Nukem name. 3D Realms (now owned by Interceptor) remains adamant that it still owns the rights to the Duke Nukem name while Gearbox has stated that it purchased the rights to the IP back in 2011 to help facilitate the release of Duke Nukem Forever.