As one of the most popular leading ladies over in the DC Comics pantheon, it only makes sense Catwoman has joined the fray in Turbine's DC Comics MOBA, Infinite Crisis.

There's already been one Catwoman added to the roster (Gaslight Catwoman), but this version is decidedly New 52. She's got the patent leather jumpsuit, goggles and whip to back it up, and Selina Kyle certainly isn't afraid to use them.

Her mobility and attack ability give her plenty of punch in her role as a blaster. Passive ability Cat Burglar allows her to earn rapid cooldown whenever coins are collected. Her basic attack is a Whip Strike, and enemies hit at the farthest bit of the whip's range will take additional damage. Cat's Paw will deal damage while also reducing enemy movement speed, and Catwoman can use Acrobat to dodge away from being attacked herself.

Her ultimate attack, Bad Kitty, adds a bleed to all basic attacks and skills, and also turns Acrobat into Savage Acrobat. The Savage version has no cost, a lower cooldown and adds even more attack damage. You can see all the moves in action in the footage above. If you want to get in some time with Catwoman, you can still sign up for the Infinite Crisis beta right here.

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