The latest champion to join the ranks in Infinite Crisis is Nightmare Superman. Good luck sleeping tonight after looking at his face.

This nightmarish version of the Man of Steel was created when Superman fought Aethyr in the Phantom Zone, using an ecto suit. Unfortunately, he was infused with Phantom Energy and transformed into the Nightmare Superman we see before us now.

In Infinite Crisis, his takes on the role of Controller. This means that he can use his Phantom Zone energies to lock down enemies and make sure that his allies get by unscathed. One of his skills, Possession, is really strange but powerful. Once an enemy champion kills him, he posses said champion, thereby revealing his or her position and lowering their attack and power armor.

Check out Nightmare Superman's other ghastly skills and abilities in the trailer above and join the fray in Infinite Crisis, which is now in Open Beta.