The folks at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine have announced that Infinite Crisis will be heading into Open Beta in March. Not only that, but three new Champions are also incoming.

The Open Beta for the multiplayer online battle arena will launch on March 14. In order to herald in this new era for the MOBA, three new Champions will be joining the fray.

First up is Aquaman. The Atlantean King excels as a duelist and holds his own pretty well during one-on-one combat. Mostly though, he just talks to fish and is pretty lame.

Next we've got Mecha Superman, who is a fusion of Krypton and Earth technology. This guy's origin story is actually pretty cool, involving a young Clark Kent connecting a Kryptonian space probe to an agrobot. He plays as an Enforcer and can help you with crowd control, thanks to his massive area of effect attacks.

Last but certainly not least is Green Arrow. This marksman can take pot shots at enemies from afar and is capable of pulling off moves that allow him to evade danger. He's got three stances to choose from, so knowing which one to use in different situations is the key to playing him successfully.

Check out the Champion Profiles above and then await the launch of the Open Beta on March 14, 2014.