Troy Baker has been revealed to be voicing the iconic hero in ‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’.

The title, which is developed by MachineGames, produced by Bethesda and is exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S consoles, will see the well-travelled archeologist take on the forces of evil once more in another thrilling adventure.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, MachinesGames’ co-founder and lead game designer Jerk Gustafsson said: “He [Baker] really brings forward that charm and sense of humor in such a good way.

“He's also a very big Indiana Jones fan, which is super cool. So he's also very invested in the game.”

The trailer for the game was revealed at Xbox’s Developer Direct event last night (18.01.24) and is set in 1937, between the events of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and ‘The Last Crusade’.

Gustafsson then explained what games should expect from the character of Dr. Jones.

He said: “He has separated from Marion.

"We know that he is sort of lost again after that. He is adrift.”

The title also stars Tony Todd (who voiced Venom in Marvel's ‘Spider-Man 2’) as Locus, who steals a seemingly insignificant artefact from Marshall College whilst Jones is asleep. The archeologist then travels to the Vatican in search of answers, but realises there is far more to the story than what first appears.

Marios Gavrilios, who voiced Bruce Wayne in the German version of ‘Gotham Knights’ is the game’s main antagonist, Emmerich Voss, who is determined to unravel the mystery before the archaeologist.

Gustafsson explained: “He is searching for those major mysteries and those things that are unknown to the rest of the world. That's a big part of what's driving him.

”So when it comes to that obsession, they are very much alike. I think that that's the key element here that makes this a very, very interesting antagonist for Indiana Jones."

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