For anyone who's been keeping track, we have been monitoring the different controller options that have been coming out for iOS devices. The latest entry into this challenging marketplace, fresh from the tables of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, is the Caliber Advantage for iPhone 5, a device from iFrogz and ZAGG.

As you can see from the lead photo, the Caliber Advantage will have two analog sticks, a D-pad, shoulder buttons and a Super Nintendo layout of face buttons. The device will also double as a case, with the controller sliding out from underneath the phone. This comes on the heels of the recently announced Mad Catz controller, which attaches itself via magnets.

According to Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG, in an article from Forbes:

The Caliber Advantage is a game-changer for the mobile platform. Everyone from hardcore gamers to casual players will enjoy and appreciate the control and function of the Caliber Advantage. We are committed to bringing creative product solutions to gaming with not only this revolutionary gaming controller, but also a full line-up of gaming specific audio products.

Like with many of these other peripheral devices, the biggest hurdle is getting developers on board. However, iFrogz does seem to have a good head start with support from influential players like Epic Games, Chair, and Electronic Arts.

The Caliber Advantage is expected to retail for $69.99 and hit the market sometime during the first half of 2013.

If you want to know more, check out the trailer for the device below: