Ice T wasted tonnes of cash on a zombie mobile phone game after getting "hooked" on the unknown title.

The 65-year-old rapper has compared his addiction to the game to being addicted to crack cocaine after kept paying out to progress.

He wrote on X - formely Twitter: "Personal Story… I got hooked on a phone game App.. One that you end up paying for progression.. Fighting Zombies and s***… I’m not gonna say how much money I put into it…… But when I finally hit that Delete app button!!! It was like kicking Crack! Smh (sic)"

There are many addictive games out there.

Last year, the Head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed he was addicted to playing ‘Vampire Survivors’.

The action roguelike shoot 'em up game - developed and published by Luca Galante, also known as Poncle - was dubbed as one of the most addictive games of 2022 thanks to its survival gameplay.

It’s so addictive that even the CEO of Microsoft Gaming can’t stop playing.

Third-party website TrueAchievements revealed Spencer's stats which showed he logged in a whopping 641 hours on his Xbox One throughout the entire year. The stats showed that not only did Spencer earn 480 achievements and reach a game score of 9,720 but that out of all 53 games he played that year, ‘Vampire Survivors’ clocked in the most hours, with 223 hours worth of game time.

Spencer shared on Twitter: "Thanks to everyone who joined me in playing in 2022, lots of great co-op sessions throughout the year.

"And yeah, I do like Vampire Survivors, need to get those final achievements done."

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