The King of the Gerudo is coming through, and he's sporting some fancy retro get-ups. That's right, Zelda fans, the latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors shows Ganondorf dressed in both his Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess outfits.

In the above trailer, we first see Ganon giggling away while a shadowy figure looms behind him— this could be a reference to his porkier dark world appearance, or something new entirely. From there, Ganon dual-wields his way through an army of skeletons, fighting with surprising speed for a guy of his size, and using magicks so dark you need to throw a K on the end for good measure. It's not clear what impact, if any, these alternate outfits will have on Ganon's playstyle, but what is clear is that, no matter how he's dressed, Big G is going to be kicking a lot of ass. We also get a teaser trailer for the game's Adventure Mode.

These costumes will be given for free for Club Nintendo subscribers. Now, if only we could get Nintendo to include the spritely Wind Waker Ganon and the giant pig from A Link to the Past, we'd have the full Ganondorf set.

Hyrule Warriors arrives stateside on Sept. 26 for Wii U.

Ganon is probably just mad because he doesn't sleep in as much as Link does.