Watch Link and Zelda wear different outfits as they beat up Moblins in these new trailers for Hyrule Warriors.

Nintendo Everything has posted these two new trailers for Hyrule Warriors that were captured from a Japanese streaming site (sorry about the quality). In these trailers, we get to see both Link and Princess Zelda fight in the fields of Hyrule wearing the ensembles they wore in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. It's amazing to see Zelda go from her pasty-yet-beautiful look in Twilight Princess to her animated, younger depiction in Skyward Sword. The same goes for Link, going from his dark, Twilight Princess colors to his bright outfit from Ocarina of Time. Unfortunately, Link doesn't have a costume featuring his Red Mail and pink hair from A Link to the Past. Mind you, these costumes are labelled as downloadable content, but we're unsure as to what degree -- they could be a pre-order bonus for buying the game at a specific retailer or some form of paid DLC.

We have also included the entire Japanese stream from which the Link and Zelda trailers were taken from, which features over 50 minutes of Hyrule Warriors gameplay. Hyrule Warriors launches Sept. 26 exclusively for Wii U. Don't forget, Nintendo will be hosting a live Hyrule Warriors Direct event on Aug. 8. Hopefully, we'll have hear an official word about the DLC from Nintendo during the event.

Of course Link brought a change of clothes -- he is found sleeping in every Legend of Zelda game ever made.