This newest trailer for Hyrule Warriors features Princess Zelda beating up hordes of enemies better than any of her Hylian guards ever could.

Watching Princess Zelda tearing apart hundreds of Stalfos skeletons in this new trailer for Hyrule Warriors has left us wondering why she has always relied on Impa and Link to save her when she is so badass with a bow. Zelda has a rapier sword that has plenty of wide-arching slashes and stabs similar to Link's attacks, but she also has much of the acrobatic talents that Impa has shown in her latest gameplay trailer. The Princess also has the ability to use magical spells, much like how she does in Super Smash Bros., and can shoot her light arrows to wreck enemies from afar.

Link, Zelda, Impa, Midna and other famous heroes of The Legend of Zelda series will take up arms against Ganon and the mysterious Cia when Hyrule Warriors launches on Sept. 26 exlusively on Wii U.