It may not have been The Legend of Zelda or Dynasty Warriors experience you were hoping for, but Hyrule Warriors is doing quite well for a Wii U game.

According to IGN, Koei Tecmo recently announced that it has shipped over one million copies of Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U. Hyrule Warriors debuted four months ago, taking the Dynasty Warriors-style of gameplay and giving it a Hylian paint job from The Legend of Zelda series. Our favorite part of Hyrule Warriors? Being able to play as Ganondorf in a game that isn't Super Smash Bros.

The next batch of content to be added into Hyrule Warriors is the Majora's Mask Pack, arriving on Feb. 5. This DLC costs $7.99 and includes Young Link (with his Fierce Deity mask) and Tingle as playable characters along with a variety of Termina-themed content.

Link sleeps through everything, but don't ever sleep on his popularity.