Back in early December, the strategy game Battle Dungeon had to be pulled from the App Store after only a week due to the massive amount of pirated copies that bogged down the Hunted Cow's servers. If you had a legit copy of that game, you can now end your long period of mourning, because Battle Dungeon is set to return to iOS!

Originally intended as an asynchronous multiplayer title, Battle Dungeon is now back as a single player only game titled Battle Dungeon: Risen. For the past couple of months, Hunted Cow has been busy retrofitting Battle Dungeon to feature a full solo campaign, with new maps, enemies, and graphics.

The newly polished and scrubbed Battle Dungeon is scheduled to hit the App Store at the end of March, priced at $1.99 -- three bucks lower than the original. And thank you Hunted Cow, for deciding not to include any in-app purchases in this game.