‘Hunt: Showdown’ will be dropping support for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The first-person-shooter was fully released in 2019 on Microsoft’s console - with Sony’s device following suit the next year - and the last-generation machines have been receiving updates for the game ever since.

However, after the release of the companies’ newer consoles in 2020, the title’s developer Crytek has now opted to leave the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 behind in favour of a “significant relaunch” of the game once the next DLC launches on 15 August.

In a video posted to the game’s YouTube channel, Crytek developer David Fifield said of the forthcoming update: “After this is live and running natively on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series [X|S] consoles, you will no longer be able to play at all on the older generations of consoles and will need to upgrade.”

David added players who purchase the current-gen editions of the game will see all of the content from their older version of the title transfer over “at no additional cost”.

He said: “We want to be clear, your player accounts and entitlements to ‘Hunt: Showdown’ and all related DLCs carry up to the new version at no additional cost when you're ready to make the hardware transition.”

The developer then promised “a mountain of other content and features” would be coming to the game in the future, with the upcoming update in August expected to include a new event, map and biome.

He teased: “We’re excited to have you on this journey with us, and eager to take this massive new step with you all.”

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