Humble Bundle is delving into card games with its newest deal, the Humble Card Games Bundle.

As with all Humble Bundle deals, you have the opportunity to choose your price for half the games and the other half have either a ranged price depending on the average spent or a static price. For whatever price you want, you can get Scrolls (Full Version), SolForge Dinosaur Starter Pack, Star Realms (Full Version) and Talisman: Digital Edition and Talisman: Prologue with two character packs. Then for the average price you can additionally unlock Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers with Garruk's Revenge Expansion, Dominion Online Seaside Expansion and two starter packs for SolForge with bonus gold.

Then, for the low price of $12 you can get the deluxe pack that includes everything previously mentioned as well as Dominion Online Intrigue and Prosperity Expansions, Scrolls Humble Deluxe Pack and Card Hunter - Basic Edition. You can also get the $35 deal which includes a physical copy of Star Realms with an exclusive Humble Bundle Bonus Card and a Humble Card Game Bundle t-shirt. Both the pay what you want collection and the pay the average collection will also have games added to them before the bundle ends that anyone who buys the bundle, at any time, will receive.

The bundle will be supporting three charities -- Block by Block, Save the Children and World Land Trust -- who are all very deserving of your hard earned money. Plus, you get video games out of it so, it's a win win situation.