Fans of the Dexter Morgan-method of cutting down on crime are going to be happy now that Dennaton Games has announced a release window for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

According to this tweet from the official Hotline Miami Twitter, we now have an expected window of when we can finally follow in the footsteps of Jacket: Q3 2014. As with most fictional stories of vigilante justice, the masses of Miami are up in arms about Jacket's war against the Russian mob.

While most people think that arbitrarily killing off criminals is wrong, a select few have fully embraced Jacket's ideals. This group of dedicated followers decide to don masks themselves and continue in Jacket's crusade. Instead of one man selecting from a variety of masks to bestow specific abilities for Hotline Miami's levels, you now have five fans to choose from, each with their own specific attributes to help pick off the remnants of the mob.

Expect to see Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on PC, Mac and Linux at launch, with PlayStation 4 and PS Vita invading the floors of mob hangouts sometime later.