We've seen Hitman's Agent 47 pull off a bunch of great hits on others, but this prank starring the famous assassin has us dying.

The video above shows nearly two-and-a-half minutes of a man dressed up like Agent 47, barcode tattoo and all, walking around what looks to be a French town while stalking targets and taking them out.

Now, it definitely deviates from the source material when you have 47 assassinate dudes in broad daylight in front of dozens of witnesses, but we'll just have to suspend some of our nerdy disbelief in the interest of a few lulz.

It's actually a little concerning to see how no one really reacts to the faux violence until after the hit has taken place, but we suppose the crowds might be under the impression that this well-dressed, bald gentlemen and his targets are all playing out a bit. Our favorite is when the girl on the phone just casually walks away while 47 drowns his target in a nearby fountain.

Watch the video above and try not to laugh too hard, even though Agent 47 is known for taking peoples' breaths away.