Hitman - Hokkaido Review
As a finale to the first year of Hitman content, and as an episode of Hitman on its own, this episode is easily the strongest chapter yet.
Hitman - Colorado Review
The challenge is well executed here, but the weakness in Hitman’s episodic structure starts to show with how out of place this chapter feels in context with the previous missions.
Hitman - Bangkok Review
Hitman does a great job of painting each target as a villain worthy of assassination. Even when the target is someone as unassuming as Jordan Cross, the lead singer of an indie band.
Hitman - Marrakesh Review
Hitman is shaping up to be the hit that no one saw coming. Despite the controversial decision to break the game into an episodic format, especially so close to its release, the format has served it well. If even just the few maps that have been released so far were released all at once, it would fee…
Hitman - Sapienza Review
Hitman’s first episode took place in Paris, but it really didn’t show much of the actual city as most of the action took place indoors. Not that it had to, since just hearing the name Paris inspires all types of mental imagery and the fashion show featured in the first Hitman episode r…
Hitman: Intro Pack - Paris Review
The feeling of walking into a crowded ballroom with the intent of committing a murder and leaving without anyone being the wiser is something only the Hitman games have really achieved. Eavesdropping on conversations to learn about an evil dictator’s favorite food so you can poison the dish a…
Through the Wire: Hitman Turns 15
It's been fifteen years since we first wrapped up that iconic garrote wire and choked someone out as Agent 47 in his first stealth adventure, Hitman: Codename 47. In order to celebrate Hitman hitting the mid-teens, it's time we look back at one of our favorite stealth/assassination franchi…
Hitman Delayed to 2016
It looks like Agent 47 is taking a vacation for the holidays, as Hitman is skipping its Dec. 2015 launch and delayed to next March.
‘Hitman: Agent 47’ Trailer: Your Number is Up
In theory, there's nothing wrong with rebooting the ‘Hitman’ franchise (a popular video game series that spawned only one 2007 film). The Timothy Olyphant version was nothing particularly interesting or exciting, so the chance to try again is something that we can't fault Fox…

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