Our favorite bald assassin, Agent 47, returns in the next entry of the Hitman series this December.

Square Enix has unveiled its new Hitman title, which is being developed by IO Interactive. There is no surname to this one — it's just called Hitman, which is starting to be a popular trend of nomenclature with the likes of Doom, Need for Speed and many other recent games. We can't wait for "Call of Duty" to debut next year (sarcasm). IO Interactive claims that there will be new content regularly added to the game, almost in an episodic-like manner. Expect new locations, features, contracts, missions and even gameplay mechanics added post-launch to Hitman. Despite the game's late 2015 release date, Square Enix claims that the game's story will end sometime in 2016 — we just hope this stuff isn't all going to be paid DLC. We should note that the assassination game has changed, as certain targets have varied habits/schedules and will only be available for the garrote or a headshot during specific time frames.

This new Hitman title will launch on Dec. 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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