Hideo Kojima has teased that his upcoming title 'OD' will be "different" than anything else out there.

The legendary Japanese video game creator has teamed up with Microsoft to make the game for Xbox, and he has suggested he had a hard time pitching the idea to other companies, seemingly because it's so out there.

He penned on X (Twitter): "It seems I have been acknowledged by creating games that go against the current of the times, such as "hide-and-seek" games where you sneak into a building without being detected by the enemy, or "delivery games" where you enjoy moving around in an open world, For me, the most experimental game was "defeating vampires outside your house" using actual sunlight around you. It was met with fierce opposition from the staff and even within the company. In that sense, "OD" is just as different."

Kojima's minuscule update on 'OD' comes after he provided a long-awaited update on the status of 'Death Stranding 2', and the game is indeed making steady progress.

Kojima revealed on X that 'Death Stranding 2' is currently in the ADR process, meaning additional dialogue is being recorded as we speak.

He added that they will soon begin recording the Japanese voiceover, meaning that the game is a fair way through production.

Whilst Kojima referred to the upcoming game as 'Death Stranding 2' it is unlikely that that will be the title of the game at launch.

Kojima Productions revealed back in December of 2022 that 'Death Stranding 2' was simply a working title, though there has been no news on what the final name of the game will be.

Furthermore, fans have begun speculating about when the game will release, and given that they are recording additional dialogue it’s likely we’ll see the game release sooner rather than later.

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