‘Hi-Fi Rush’ has been officially announced for release on PlayStation 5.

The title, which sees a squad of aliens fight battles to beats, is set for the console next month, alongside several other formerly Xbox-exclusive titles.

It is launching on 19 March on the PS 5, with physical versions for the platform available exclusively through Limited Run Games.

A Switch release for the game has also been rumoured but there is currently no confirmation if the talk was true.

A blurb for ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ says: “Lead a squad of colourful allies and take the fight to the heart of an, er, heartless organisation!

“From Production to Marketing, every department has it out for the ‘defective’ Chai and will protect the bottom line in over-the-top battle sequences – with each showdown featuring its own music tracks!”

Alongside ‘Hi-Fi Rush’, Xbox is also bringing three other previously exclusive games to new systems.

Obsidian Entertainment’s ‘Pentiment’ has launched on the PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The same studio’s co-op survival game ‘Grounded’ is coming to PS5, PS5 and Nintendo Switch on 16 April, with crossplay available for all users.

And ‘Sea of Thieves’ is on its way to PS5 on 30 April, with developer Rare and publisher Xbox promising it will have crossplay for all platforms.

The decision to release these games on other platforms has been described as an experiment by Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

He told The Verge: “I’m going to learn about our partnership with other platforms. I’m going to learn about what happens with our players.

“I think it will benefit the games that we’re putting there (but) if the net result is that other things are punitive to the Xbox platform and limit our growth, then we’ll have to think more carefully about how we support these other platforms.”

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