Blizzard released an in-depth video featuring Kharazim the Monk's gameplay. We also have some news about future additions to the roster of Heroes of the Storm.

We've seen plenty of new champions join the roster of Heroes of the Storm this year. As of the beginning of this month, there are over 39 in-game characters for you to play as. One of the latest additions to the roster is King Leoric of Diablo fame. Revealed at Gamescom, we have learned that the Protoss Hierarch of the Daelaam, Artanis, will be joining the fight. Also coming from the StarCraft universe will be the Medic. Meanwhile, Rexxar the Beastmaster, also known as the champion of the Horde, is preparing to join the roster as well. The biggest incoming addition to the game is Kharazim, a Monk from Diablo III.

This new Heroes of the Storm spotlight video showcases the capabilities of Kharazim. As you would expect, there's a lot of versatility with the Monk, as he's pretty quick, a decent damage dealer and good at protecting his allies. Blizzard also released a video (provided below) that showcases some of the alternate skins for Rexxar, Kharazim and a few other characters.

Kharazim the support character is expected to hit the Nexus on Aug. 19. Meanwhile, Rexxar will supposedly join Heroes of the Storm on Sept. 8. We can't wait to see what else Blizzard has planned for this popular MOBA.

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