It seems that Blizzard is hard at work not only collecting data from Heroes of the Storm's beta, but also creating new Heroes to throw into the arena.

The Lost Vikings aren't lost anymore, but are instead making their way into the battlefields of Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard announced on its Heroes of the Storm blog. Everyone who knows anything about Blizzard should know the legendary Lost Vikings. The Lost Vikings will also be coming out with two skin sets that come in multiple color variations. However, if you're thinking of picking these heroes right up and playing them, you might have a tough time.

On Heroes of the Storm's Hero page for the trio, it shows that while their damage and survivability are relatively high, their complexity is even higher. These three fall under the specialist class, which means they have more precise roles that will, "bring different strengths as you build a team." It seems that these three Vikings will be working as one force to be reckoned with. They have the same amount of heroic abilities (two), primary abilities (three) and heroic traits (one) as other heroes, but instead have three models. Their abilities and heroic trait as as follows:

  • Heroic Abilities
    • Longboat Raid!
      • All Vikings are fierce invaders at heart. With this ability, all the Lost Vikings hop in a longboat that shoots a rapid fire cannon at nearby enemies, as well as a long-range mortar to destroy a wide swath of targets.
    • Play Again!
      • The trio ensures no Viking is left behind with this heroic ability, which allows any one of them to quickly raise fallen Vikings and gather the whole group in one spot.
  • Primary Abilities
    • Spin to Win!
      • The Vikings use a highly advanced Nordic battle tactic, spinning wildly and gaining every enemy caught within their whirl a solid knock to the head.
    • Jump!
      • Physical fitness is core to the Viking lifestyle. Rigorous training allows the Vikings to leap out of harm's way, avoiding all damage and bounding over enemies trying to block them in.
    • Norse Force!
      • The best thing about being a Viking is that someone always has your back. Using Norse Force, the Vikings armor up, gaining more armor when more Vikings are still standing.
  • Hero Trait
    • Fast Restart
      • You can't keep a Viking down for long. Olaf, Baelog, and Erik are gluttons for punishment, so anytime they fall in battle, they get back in the fight more quickly than other heroes.

You can check out The Lost Vikings now on Heroes of the Storm and start causing mass chaos of Nordic proportions.