As Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm gets further into its beta, the developer has decided to give the game a little flavor with some new skins.

One of the most exciting things about MOBAs are the custom skins that players can get in game. Now, Blizzard is putting out six new skins for five of its heroes -- Nazeebo, the Lost Vikings, Jaina, Anub' Arak and Zeratul. To start off with, Nazeebo will be getting a Harlequin skin that will not only have different color variants, but that will also carry through to his minions. Then there are the adorable Pajama Party Lost Vikings, which somehow combine scary strength with puffy pajamas.

The Lost Vikings will get two skins, the second being their Master skin which can transform them into Avengers figures and both skin packs have color variants. Then there's the Tempest Regalia Jaina skin that transforms the lovable frost caster into a dangerously provacative foe. For Valentine's Day, Blizzard decided to take its least likely hero and give them a little lovin' wtih the Love Bug Anub' Arak skin. Finally, Zeratul is getting a little attention with a Zerg Hunter bunch of skin variants that transport him into the future.

These aren't the only skins that Blizzard will be coming out with, but while we wait for the rest you can check out the video above.