Be ready to use the Zerg against your foes in Heroes of the Storm as the Broodmother, Zagara.

This new trailer for Blizzard's upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, focuses on the Zerg Broodmother from Starcraft, Zagara. If Kerrigan acts as the Queen of the Zerg, Zagara would be looked at as its mother. Zagara is able to use her offspring throughout the battlefield. Broodmothers are an important part of the Zerg, having the ability to command lesser creatures with their own minds. As you can tell by Heroes of the Storm's gameplay, Zagara is able to command tiny Zerglings and even their fully-grown counterparts, helping her bring death wherever she goes.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in the alpha stage of testing and Blizzard has yet to announce any type of launch window for its official release date on PC.

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