In this latest character trailer for Heroes of the Storm, we have a look at the adorable baby Murloc, Murky.

Murky the frail and ferocious baby Murloc is leading his newly spawned siblings to war in Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm. This adorable character comes straight out of the low-level starting zones of World of Warcraft. This multiplayer online battle arena is meant to contend with other MOBA heavyweights such as League of Legends and Dota 2, which both originally spawned from a custom-made Warcraft 3 map. Heroes of the Storm will feature 5v5 gameplay. In addition to League and Dota's focus on destroying enemy towers and the "Lemming" effect, Heroes will also offer environmental and level-based quests that can also help you decimate your enemy forces.

While a finalized PC release date has yet been set, Heroes of the Storm did start its alpha testing phase this past March. Heroes of the Storm will be free-to-play but will be supported by micro-transactions. The game will rotate through its roster of heroes weekly, but using in-game gold or real-life currency can let you buy permanent access to the heroes that you want to use.