A new trailer featuring a look at update 3.0 for Heroes of Newerth has gone up, focusing on the lore behind the game's characters.

The popular multiplayer online battle arena game is getting a new update that will give its heroes backgrounds. Sure, it's fun to fight and rack up a good kill/death ratio, but it can also be immensely interesting to find out the backstories for your favorite heroes.

The trailer below doesn't show very much action, but it does have pretty soft music and gives us a look at a few brief story vignettes. We've yet to see what the addition of lore will do for the dedicated players of this MOBA, but we'll see how it goes when the update becomes available on January 31st, 2013.

Sound off in the comments below if you play HoN and are excited for the addition of characters' background stories! And be sure to check out the trailer, courtesy of MMORPG.com, and some cool new screens.