The latest game by Silent Hill: Shattered Memories' developer and writer Sam Barlow, Her Story, has done quite well for an indie mystery title.

Sam Barlow announced that his FMV-based mystery game, Her Story, has sold over 100,000 copies within the past month, which is pretty darn good for an indie title, let alone one made by a solo developer. Her Story has you experimenting with a 20-year-old police department computer interface that gives you access to a video database containing 250+ short clips made from seven detective interviews of Hannah Smith (played by actress and musician Viva Seifert of Joe Gideon and the Shark fame), whose husband, Simon, went missing and is presumed dead. It's on the player to decide what keywords to search the video database with to help Hannah's tale unfold so you can piece together what actually happened to Simon Smith.

"Back from holidays & some cool news waiting for me: Her Story has sold over 100,000 copies after its first month and a bit on sale," Barlow Tweeted.

Considering Her Story's unorthodox approach to storytelling and gameplay, it's great to hear it do well. Barlow's game proves there's still much life left in the FMV format of gaming, which was used in many arcade and Sega CD games in the '90s. With titles like Guitar Hero Live trying to bring back FMV gameplay on a widespread scale, I'm glad to see games like Her Story experiment with the format in ways no one ever has done before.

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