'Helldivers 2' head Johan Pilestedt revealed the title will "never" get a player-versus-player (PvP) mode to prevent gamer toxicity.

The sci-fi shooter launched exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam last week and has received plenty of positive reviews for its engaging gameplay and immersive landscapes but the Arrowhead CEO explained that he wants all players in the community to be on the same side.

Responding to a fan on X (formally known as Twitter) who asked about a potential PvP mode, Pilestedt said: "Hey; we'll 'never' add a PvP mode. This is to reduce toxic elements from the community.

"We want an environment that's supportive, fun and where we all are fighting on the same side!"

Pilestedt also dismissed a suggestion from another user that the game does not have PvP as the developers do not want to compete with the likes of 'Call of Duty' and 'Battlefield' and recommended 'Escape from Tarkov' for gamers who wish to turn their fire on each other.

He wrote: "[We are] not scared. Just we don't want the toxicity that naturally comes with it.

"There are plenty, actually most, games that provide PvP. We make games for people that just want to have a challenging time with friends but in a PvE setting.

"If you want PvP I recommend @Tarkov."

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