‘Helldivers 2’ developer Arrowhead Studios is considering releasing updates at a “slightly slower rate”.

After the third-person-shooter stormed onto the scene and became a huge hit in February - toppling ‘God of War: Ragnarok’ to become PlayStation’s most popular game on Steam - players have enjoyed constant updates and tweaks to improve the experience.

Now, the developer has announced it will be taking “some more time” for future patches to ensure bugs are fixed properly, starting with the next update.

Taking to the game’s Discord server, community manager Twinbeard wrote: “We want to take some more time for this one and potentially between future patches since we feel cadence has probably been a bit too high to be able to maintain the quality standard we want and you deserve.

”Patching a lot can easily disrupt work flow and takes more resources than you might think; it needs planning, implementing, monitoring, possible tweaking in hotfixes etc. For this one we prefer to stretch it out a little, hopefully with a good result.”

Twinbeard insisted the change would “benefit both” the players and Arrowhead.

In a following message, he penned: “I'd say it's something we have to try out and get a feel for. [At the moment] we feel a slightly lower cadence overall will benefit both us, you, and the game.”

Previously, players had complained about the title had become “unplayable” due to Arrowhead’s frequent updates that were constantly changing weapons and gameplay.

The studio’s CEO Johan Pilestedt agreed with the complaints, and admitted the developer had “gone too far in some areas”.

On X, he wrote: “It feels like every time someone finds something fun, the fun is removed.”

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