Arrowhead has rubbished claims the studio is being bought by PlayStation.

The developer - which is celebrating a successful launch for 'Helldivers 2' earlier in the year - has been linked to Sony's gaming division this week, with reports the company was preparing to finalise a deal to acquire the studio.

However, 'Helldivers 2' director Johan Pilestedt wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "This is fake... Unless I've missed something."

He added at the rumoured artwork was using an "old logo from 2008 or so".

Another user claimed the announcement could be coming soon, but he fired back": This is the first I hear of this..."

His response comes after the developet confirmed mechs will finally become available in the near future after recent gameplay footage showed in-game playable mechs, despite not being available to uers in the public version.

The team's account on X teased this week: "The EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits are in full production in the factories of Tien Kwan."

There is no firm date set for mechs coming into the game, but the developer has promised it will happen "soon".

The studio has also announced a new update for PC players, with a PlayStation 5 version coming soon.

The patch will feature balancing updates for certain weapons, the introduction of planetary hazarads, and a range of fixes, although some bugs - including potential crashes, freezes and US problems - still remain.

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