Just a few days before its big Western launch, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX has been slapped with a four month delay, because... Sega.

Kotaku reports that Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX won't be launching until Sept. Mind you, the game was supposed to launch next week. How do you go from a release a few days from now to four months later is beyond us, as Sega did not reveal any reasons why they pumped the brake's on Hatsune's latest title. The game will now launch with a Hatsune Miku wallet chain and 19 double-sided AR cards, because those sound so precious and useful. We were hoping for a poster or a 5-song CD sort of thing.

Project Mirai DX is another Hatsune Miku music game featuring the popular, fictional vocaloid artist. It's basically a deluxe version of Project Mirai 2, which launched two years ago in Japan. The difference between Project Mirai DX and all the other Hatsune Miku games out there is that this version is designed after the Good Smile Company's Nendoroid figures. This means that Hatsune and the crew will have big heads, lots of hair and really small bodies in all their chibi glory. Project Mirai DX features over 45 tracks for you to groove to as well as different costumes for every character in the game.

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX will launch for Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 8 and its launch edition will feature some bonus items.