We finally have a release date for the controversial and genocidal twin-stick shooter, Hatred.

Many people were doubting that this game would ever see the light of day, but Destructive Creations' Hatred now has a release date and a new trailer to boot. For those who haven't heard about it yet, Hatred has you controlling the Antagonist, a Nathan Explosion-looking guy who hates the world for being itself and decides to embark on a mass shooting. That's right, it's tacky, it's tasteless and it's coming to PC. The trailer itself is filled with what you would expect: a guy draped in black talking about how angry he is, lots of random cursing, shooting bystanders, killing police and a few death animations. For a twin-stick shooter, Hatred is looking pretty brutal.

We understand that Destructive Creations is aiming to spark controversy and is just trying to adhere to the "any press is good press" mindset, and it appears to have been working. Had this been any other twin-stick shooter where the foes were aliens, soldiers or monsters, no one would have cared about it, but due to all the mass shootings and bombings that have happened in North America over the past two decades, Hatred is grabbing the attention of a lot of people. Even if the masses voice their disapproval, Hatred still has a spotlight on it. Unfortunately, the gameplay itself looks rather lackluster. Notice that the victims in the death animations don't have any visible changes made to their in-game models after being damaged other than blood squirting. Nevertheless, we'll get to see whether or not Hatred was worth all that controversy in just a few weeks.

Hatred will launch on PC on June 1.